The questions related to customs clearance of cargoes.

Question: Could you help us to estimate the cost of customs clearance of a truck?

Answer: The precise cost of customs clearance of a truck can be calculated if you know the specific characteristics, such as, a year of manufacture, engine capacity, load capacity etc. The main thing you should know is that the cost of customs clearance includes several payments which are customs clearance charge to be calculated on the basis of the customs value of the truck, customs duty and 18% Value Added Tax. But this is only true of new vehicles and machinery manufactured not later three years ago.

As to second-hand or used vehicles and machinery, it will be much more difficult. Even if you managed to purchase a truck at a below market price, perhaps, it may be impossible to perform customs clearing at a cheaper charge, because a customs value of second-hand or used vehicles is to be calculated according to the handbooks and catalogues, such as independent German catalogue Schwacke or American catalogue NADA. So, if you purchased a truck for EUR 15,000 but, according to the catalogue, the price of a similar one is EUR 30,000 all payments will be calculated based on the price in the amount of EUR 30,000. If you wish to receive detailed information on your case, contact us using the telephone numbers mentioned in the contacts, and we will help to solve your problems.

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