About Company

NKT, CSJC was established in by the professionals that have been working hard in the field of logistics and customs for more ten years. For this period, we managed to scrutinize thoroughly the matters related to customs clearance and foreign economic activity in whole, and establish strong ties and relationship in the customs authorities. This is the experience that can scarcely be overestimated now... But the main thing is that we were truly able to understand all the problems and expectations of participants of foreign economic activity.

Thus, now we can offer you really the best customs clearance service in St. Petersburg that will certainly be aimed at the essential needs of your company. We seek long-tern cooperation with our partners, so we try to find an individual approach to every client.

If you choose our company you will have no doubt that the time of document execution can be minimum, and the price can be reasonable.

Our main clients are the large-scale enterprises of the Russian Federation including official dealers of imported machinery and their foreign partners.

We are recommended to friends and colleagues!


NCT, CJSC is your customs broker in St. Petersburg