Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity

Goods Nomenclature for Foreign Economic Activity of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation {GN FEA CU RF} is a Russian Classifier of Goods that are applied in accordance with the Customs Code of the Russian Federation.

The GN FEA includes a system of goods classification required for their coding and identification I the course of customs processing. This enables to carry out the following customs procedures in a proper manner: collection of the customs charges, determination of the customs value and reporting activities.

Sum, the GN FEA codes consist of 21 sections and 97 groups, where the principle of unambiguous assigning the goods to a certain group, are strictly met.

When classifying the goods, the material of which the goods are made, degree of manufacture and functions that the goods perform, are considered. However, in order to determine the goods code more precisely, it is necessary to use both nomenclature part and notes to the sections and groups and the main rules of interpretation of the GN FEA .

You can download GN FEA CU RF dated November 27, 2006, here.