Delivery of cargoes.

Our partners are often interested in complex approach to solving their problems. For that reason, in addition to service on customs clearance of cargoes, cargo certification service and cargo insurance service our company provides service on delivery of goods preparing individual logistic schemes for every client.

NKT, CSJC has a wide experience in the area of transportation of cargoes of any kinds. With our help, you will be able to deliver your goods from any place of the world by any mode of transport, such as motor transport, railway transport, sea transport, air transport, or use multimodal transportation.

We provide a full service on the following lines:

We have a wide experience in the area of delivery of cargoes of different description, including cargo vehicles, specialty vehicles and construction machinery, and spare parts and consumable materials to them.

The logistics service to be provided by our company, is based on the long experience and established contacts with reliable carriers, therefore, we can offer you the best conditions related to transportation. NKT, CSJC offer its clients lower freight tariffs and favourable terms and conditions related to free use of the container due to god relations established with the companies engaged in container transportation.

The main feature of our company is in the fact that we ensure a full transparency throughout the process of cargo transportation, for our clients. In any phase of delivery, you can get complete information about the precise location and movement of a cargo.

If you wish to calculate the cost of delivery of your cargo, please, contact our specialists, and we will try to find the best solution for you!