Customs service.

NKT, CSJC provides a full service on customs clearance of goods within the area of Petersburg customs, Baltic customs, Pulkovo Customs and Excise Customs.

The service includes:

Cost of customs clearance of cargoes is essential for determination of the final cost of a cargo. That is why choosing of a customs broker is so important for exporting firms.

The work experience gained by our specialists enables to ensure a considerable reduction of financial and time costs related to customs clearance of the goods and vehicles to be taken through the border of the Russian Federation.

Our customs clearance specialists work with cargoes of different types including excisable goods. NKT, CSJC is specialized in customs clearance of cargo vehicles, specialty vehicles and construction machinery, and spare parts and consumable materials to them.

We will carry out a full service on customs clearance and delivery, and it will only remain for you to receive vehicles and machinery ready for service, without any troubles and time cost.

Our specialists are always ready to consult and advise You on any matters related to customs clearance of goods. Call us or send us your request and we will help you to calculate the cost of service at the best price and on the most beneficial terms for you.

When you choose NKT, CSJCas a customs broker you can always be sure that we will act in the best interest of You.