Customs clearance of specialty vehicles, trucks and trailers

One of the main business lines of Nord Cargo trading is in customs clearance of cargo vehicles, construction machinery and specialty vehicles.

Sometimes, it is more difficult to have the specialty vehicles and transport cleared by the customs than to carry out customs clearance of ordinary (not excisable) goods.

This process consists of several phases:

Customs clearance of specialty vehicles, trucks and trailers often provides for payment of additional charges, and, conversely, there is a possibility of getting discounts. For example, customs clearance of new trucks is subject to maximum discounts. This category includes the vehicles manufactured from one to three years ago, that are subject to customs clearance using minimum charges. However, customs clearance of the vehicles manufactured later than five years ago may be unreasonable due to the high rates of customs payments. Because, in this case, the declared value, weight and engine capacity of the vehicle are taken into account, and customs clearance charge can often be equal or exceed the value of the truck.

However, in order to consider all these “little nothings” that lead to significant loss of money, it is necessary to know the customs legislation and have an experience with the customs authorities’ representatives. So, those who plan to have the specialty vehicles cleared by the customs, need to apply to a specialized company which employees have a wide experience in this area.

In addition to the customs clearance, the employees of NKT, CSJC are ready to help you to select the required cargo vehicles and specialty vehicles, both new vehicles and used ones, without additional intermediates, directly from the sellers from Europe, America and China. All the vehicles and machinery to be purchased from us, will be subject to after-sale service. You can also order the necessary spare parts for low-bed semi-trailer and other vehicles and machinery.

If you have no experience in customs clearance of the load and specialty vehicles, you would better to apply to the professionals that will be able to have you vehicles quickly and without any unnecessary problems.